About Swastik Jewels


Swastik Jewels is a brand that is focused on the manufacturing of Gold & Copper Bangles. Our niche is the manufacture of High-Quality & Uniquely Designed Bangles.

We manufacture the bangles using the latest technology and techniques. We work with Experienced Designers who have a keen eye for detail and fashion trends.

We use High-Quality Raw materials sourced from reliable and trusted suppliers. Our aim is to provide superior quality bangles which are unique & make our client stand out from the crowd.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Our marketing & sales strategy is targeted towards high end clients. We participate in various exhibitions, shows and events where we showcase our bangles to potential customers. We also promote our products on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook.

Our Team

Swastik Jewels team has a strong background in the jewellery industry. We have also hired experienced designers and skilled technicians to ensure the highest quality production.

Swastik Manufacturing